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Hobbit Hole

The Round Robin

Hobbit Hole's Round Robin
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This is a group for the HObbit HOle Members and thier round robin. More interesting notes will be added later.

ORINGINAL CHARACTER BIOS (all new authors must read)
-click on character name to contact the creater if you have a question about the character

Sokorra Lewis
Name: Sokorra Lewis (Kori, Kora, don't call her Sokie unless it's a bad guy because that will make her mad)
Race: Normally Human, but Hobbit when she goes to TTRR universe
Eye Color: Green or Light Blue...Haven't decided
Hair Color: Midnight Black
Other notes of interest:
-She likes Merry as does her creater
-She is a leader type person (unlike her creater)
-She shall know elvish, wither or not she does at teh start I haven't decided
-She can cook (I burn Water I might add)
-She thinks of Pippin as an brother and shall spoil him a little when Frodo, Sam and Gandalf are not looking
-She does not like being left behind because she is short, or because she is a girl
-She knows Hobbit-first aid:)
-She is slightly clumsy
-She does not like Denethor with a passion unknown to mortal hobbits
-She does not like dresses with a passion unknown to Middle Earth
-She is a Faramir Cheerleader
-She hates to be called Miss, or Ms, so just call her by her first name.
-She resents her height
-She has a temper
-She can't ride a horse-never learned in this universe and she shall give anyone points if they attempt to teach her how to ride one by herself. Wither she will actually manage to do it is another story

Otherworld Facts:
-Has an older brother Jaren and a sister named Becca
-has a cat named Haldir
-She does not like driving
-She does not like coffee, but Vanilla Creme Fraps are ok
-She is partially a veggie person.
-She's normally short so the transformation to hobbit wasn't very hard

Dolly Overhill
Name: Dolly Overhill
Race: Middle-Earth Hobbit
Age: 27 (Hobbits become "adults" at age 33)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Personality: Adventurous but naive when it comes to actual questing.
Past: Born and raised in Nobottle. When her older brother came of age, he decided to move to Bree, and Dolly decided to go with him. She now works in the Prancing Pony, hoping to someday go on an adventure like the ones she's always hearing about around the place. So far, unfortunately, an opportunity has not presented itself.
Other notes of interest:
-More of a follower than a leader
-Can cook as well as the next hobbit
-Has copious amounts of freckles
-Usually calm under pressure, a trait she's picked up from working in the bar
-Her reasons for wanting to go along: a) It's not every day a group of hobbits passes through on a quest. Dolly figures she'll feel at home with her kin. b) She thinks Pippin is cute.
-Has met only one or two elves in her life, and finds them fascinating but a bit scary
-Not as frightened by men as much- there are plenty of them in Bree- but she does have something of a sense of caution when it comes to them.

Nissa Calwell
Name: Nissa Calwell
Race: human/hobbit
Hair: warm, medium brown
Eyes: hazel
Age: 21

Nissa is generally reserved and shy, so much so that she frequently
comes off as cold to new people. When she does speak it is usually
in the form of a sarcastic comment, or a voiced worry. Before being
trapped in this new world, she was in something of a transition in
her life, and felt as out of place there as she does here. She goes
along on the quest because of the promise of a "purpose." She and
Frodo seem to keep finding things to talk about…

"Fun Facts"
- Nissa has had almost no prior contact with Middle Earth,
somehow even avoiding The Hobbit in school
- She is a very intuitive person, and makes decisions
seemingly on a whim.
- She knows some basic survival skills, and can cook well
enough to ensure no one will get sick, but not much better.
- She is very musical; can sing and play a few instruments.
- She doesn't get angry easily. She does get angry loudly.