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            The following morning was a chaotic rush to track down extra supplies, assess the damage from the night before, and explain as much as was necessary about the two new companions on their travels.  Nissa and Sokorra sat off to the side, not knowing how to help, and wondering what they were to do about supplies.  Well into an argument over who would have to borrow clothes from who,  there was a knock on the door, and Nob entered. 

            “Beggin’ pardon, I just came tell Ms Nissa and Ms Sokorra that none of there gear was harmed when those… things came through.  I suppose they didn’t know you were together.  Should I bring your things to this room?” he asked.

            Nissa and Sokorra stared at each other.  “Er, yes, thank you,” Sokorra answered first, and soon they had a pack each, seemingly tailor made for this kind of journey.

            Nissa moved to an out of the way spot, and began examining and repacking the contents of the backpack.  Not long after, she felt eyes on her back, and turned around.  Frodo was looking critically at her and her newly discovered belongings.   “Very convenient that those turned up,” he said.  Nissa shrugged, unsure of how to reply.  “It seems odd that two girls who showed up out of nowhere would be entirel ready to join us on our journey.”

            Nissa laughed harshly.  “Yeah, that’s definitely what’s weird about this situation.  The packs.”  She blew out a breath and rested her head on her hands.  “I’m sorry.  I just have no idea how to make anyone believe this.  I don’t believe it myself.  Usually dreams make sense when you’re having them,” she said, muttering the last part as an afterthought.

            Frodo studied her for a moment, then nodded to himself.  “I suppose if Kori is here for a reason, you must have a purpose here as well,” he said finally.  Nissa looked past him for a moment, then snickered.

            “I guess it’s a good thing you decided to keep her around, at least.  You might’ve gotten a strong debate otherwise.”  Frodo turned, and saw Merry practically hovering over Sokorra as she went through a similar process with her pack, and sighed.

            “This is definitely going to result in a very strong headache.”
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