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21st September 2004

pnbatgirl2:30am: *meep*
The group stopped for the night, forming a circle around a spot where the hobbits had fading hopes of starting a fire. It was growing colder, and the ground had been gradually becoming less stable, and therefore damper, as they trekked.

A meal of sorts was laid out almost immediately by the now ravenous hobbits. They sat in a tight circle, with strider some distance away keeping watch "Well," Merry said quietly, holding up what seemed a small amount of food but was actually a substantial part of his meal, "at least we're making up for missing four meals by how much we eat at the two we have." Quiet laughter and snorts of agreement came from most of the group.

"Can you imagine carrying enough food for six meals worth every day from here to Rivendell?" Sokorra asked. Merry shrugged.

"If we hadn't lost the ponies, we wouldn't have this problem."

"There wasn't much to be done about that," Frodo reminded him quietly. His words hung in the heavy silence and fresh fear that followed.

"So, Sokorra, I hear you know some of what is to happen on this little journey," Dolly said after a moment, her voice full of cheer that almost sounded sincere.

"Well, yes, some. I know the path we're taking, anyway," Sokorra said, unsure of how much she should say in front of the rest of the group.

"So, you know what the next few days will bring us, right?" Dolly asked, saving Sokorra from further explanation.

"Yes. We should be entering the Midgewater Marshes soon. Probably sometime tomorrow, in fact." Collective groans met this statement, and a verbal list of all known and supposed dangers of bogs started. This continued until Frodo announced that they would be best off sleeping, so they could better face these dangers and since they would all be woken at some point for watch. As they settled for sleep, the group almost inadvertently split into the 'boys' and the 'girls.'


"Sokorra!" a voice hissed sometime later, waking Kori. She looked out from her protective layer of blankets to see Nissa in front of her. "It's our turn for watch." Kori nodded and rose, heading out from the sprawl of sleeping hobbits (and Ranger). The two settled out a distance, where there was a semi clear view of their surroundings.

After a few minutes of silently regarding this foreign yet familiar landscape, Kori had to speak. "This is so surreal," she said quietly. Nissa nodded, her eyes tracking back and forth slowly.

"How much trouble are we in?" she asked a moment later, looking Kori in the eyes. She looked away quickly, looking somewhat uncomfortable. "I mean, you know what this place is. You know what's going to happen. So, how bad is it?"

Sokorra took a breath, wondering how much to tell Nissa. True, there was very little chance of her telling the others with how little she talked, but who knew where she fit in, and what her knowing could cause?

"Well, this is what I know, based on the books…" Sokorra proceeded to tell Nissa, as quickly as possible without sacrificing key details, what they were to expect in this world, and where this quest would lead their companions, and possibly them.

Nissa's face slowly lost color, and her hand began to shake. True, she had only known these people for a short time, and not in the best of circumstances, but she couldn't imagine these things happening to them. As Sokorra neared the end of her recitation, Nissa took a deep breath, and tried to control the tears that threatened in her stinging eyes. "So," she finally said, "this leads us back to where we were before. Why are we here?"

Sokorra had no answer to that, and they sat in silence for the short remainder of their watch, until they were relieved by a troubled looking Pippin.

9th July 2004

a_leprechaun1:23am: arrrg (late update o_O;;; sowwy...)
"But where's he leading us?"

"To Rivendell, Master Gamgee... To the House of Elrond."

Sam's voice rose in excitement. "Did you hear that, Bill?" he exclaimed, addressing his pony, "Rivendell! We're going to see the Elves!!"

Nissa, meanwhile, was nowhere near excited. She was too busy trying to hide the fact that she kept tripping over her now enormous feet. Suffice to say, she wasn't quite comfortable in her new body yet- she felt fat and awkward, and her backpack was already starting to feel heavy. Oh, she just wasn't cut out for this sort of traveling. Why, oh why was she there??

If Nissa hadn't been so lost in her self-absorbed thoughts, she might have noticed Sokorra was having a bit of trouble walking, too- though perhaps not quite as much. Only one of the females- Dolly- seemed wholly comfortable in her body.

"I've seen Elves," the red-headed, freckled hobbit-lass quipped in response to Sam's excited outburst, "They pass through Bree every now and again. Fascinating creatures, really- if rather mysterious," she added, her voice dropping in volume.

"The Elves seem secretive only because they know so much," Strider commented as he passed 'round a large boulder blocking their path, "Any information they give is but a drop of water in the vast ocean of knowledge they posses."

"Somehow I feel we could say the same for him," Merry whispered to Frodo, meaning Strider. But Frodo merely nodded.

"So," Dolly, now off the topic of Elves, quickened her stride until she was level with Pippin, "How exactly do four fine lads like you get mixed up in a journey to the Elves' House?"

"Well," Peregrin, who was trying to sound as glib as he could, replied, "I can't speak for Frodo and Sam, exactly. As for Merry and myself, we... well, we..." Here he stammered, obviously not having thought up a gallant-sounding enough explanation.

"We were liberating," Merry, who was walking a bit in front of them with Kori at his side, helped along.

"Yes! Right," said Pip, "We were liberating some... vegetables... Wrongfully kept prisoner by a tyrannical farmer... When we bumped into these two."

"Bumped into," Sam scoffed under his breath, careful not to let his betters hear him. "More like ran over, if you ask me."

"And here you see us now," Merry finished.

Dolly puffed out her cheeks as she exhaled. "Speaking of vegetables," she said, "I'm getting rather hungry. About what time would you reckon it is?" she asked, looking up at the sun.

"About time for Second Breakfast, I'd think," Pippin said, "Reckon we should stop?"

"Why not?" Merry asked, turning to Kori. Then he signaled to the others. "Oi; Frodo, Sam, Nissa- Fancy a Second Breakfast?"

Frodo looked a bit distant for a moment, then shrugged: "Why not?" At that signal, both Sam and Nissa stopped along with him, and the group began unpacking their food and equipment in preparation.

On Strider, however, this sudden stop was not lost. "Gentleman, ladies," he said, pausing and turning, "We do not stop until nightfall."

"What about Breakfast?" Pippin asked.

"You've already had it."

Looks of confusion passed between the hobbits, except for Pippin, who continued to speak confidently: "We've had one, yes. What about Second Breakfast?"

Strider looked positively puzzled for a moment. Then, he simply turned and started walking again.

The hobbits all looked at each other- Nissa looked at Kori, Kori looked at Dolly, Dolly looked at Frodo, Sam just looked at everyone... and Merry sidled up to his cousin, whispering confidentially in his ear:

"I don't think he knows about Second Breakfast, Pip."

The hobbits began repacking and started on their way again.

Pippin, however, seemed panicked. "What about Elevenses?" he asked Merry desperately, "Luncheon? Afternoon Tea? Dinner? Supper? He knows about them... doesn't he?"

"I wouldn't count on it." With that, Merry snatched an apple that had been falling through the air towards Pippin, patted his cousin on the back, and handed the fruit to him.

Pippin stared at the apple in utter confusion, and in doing so completely missed the second apple which came zooming towards him- which was, luckily, caught deftly by Dolly before it could collide with his head.

9th June 2004

ladybeth10:56am: Sokorra threw the clock down on the bag. "Merry, stop hovering please...I am nervous enough with out you standing behind me." Merry gave a strange look and went over to join Dolly and Pippin.

She sat down on the bed and put her head in her hands. So much hand changed in the last couple of days. Just two days ago she was sitting next to her laptop writing out the code for another site for her best friend's artwork. Then boom! She had fallen though a deminsional portal and landed on Sam. Poor Sam.

"Do not worry, Kori. You were brought here for a purprose I am sure." She looked up to see Aragorn sitting beside her.

"But what purpose?"

"Who knows. But as Gandalf said to me once, we should make the most of the time that has been given to us. One day that might be gone."

"Lets hope my purpose is shown soon."

That day they set off from Bree, 1 human, 5 hobbits and 2 displaced humans-turned-hobbits and 1 horse.

15th February 2004

pnbatgirl1:24pm: aaaand GO!

            The following morning was a chaotic rush to track down extra supplies, assess the damage from the night before, and explain as much as was necessary about the two new companions on their travels.  Nissa and Sokorra sat off to the side, not knowing how to help, and wondering what they were to do about supplies.  Well into an argument over who would have to borrow clothes from who,  there was a knock on the door, and Nob entered. 

            “Beggin’ pardon, I just came tell Ms Nissa and Ms Sokorra that none of there gear was harmed when those… things came through.  I suppose they didn’t know you were together.  Should I bring your things to this room?” he asked.

            Nissa and Sokorra stared at each other.  “Er, yes, thank you,” Sokorra answered first, and soon they had a pack each, seemingly tailor made for this kind of journey.

            Nissa moved to an out of the way spot, and began examining and repacking the contents of the backpack.  Not long after, she felt eyes on her back, and turned around.  Frodo was looking critically at her and her newly discovered belongings.   “Very convenient that those turned up,” he said.  Nissa shrugged, unsure of how to reply.  “It seems odd that two girls who showed up out of nowhere would be entirel ready to join us on our journey.”

            Nissa laughed harshly.  “Yeah, that’s definitely what’s weird about this situation.  The packs.”  She blew out a breath and rested her head on her hands.  “I’m sorry.  I just have no idea how to make anyone believe this.  I don’t believe it myself.  Usually dreams make sense when you’re having them,” she said, muttering the last part as an afterthought.

            Frodo studied her for a moment, then nodded to himself.  “I suppose if Kori is here for a reason, you must have a purpose here as well,” he said finally.  Nissa looked past him for a moment, then snickered.

            “I guess it’s a good thing you decided to keep her around, at least.  You might’ve gotten a strong debate otherwise.”  Frodo turned, and saw Merry practically hovering over Sokorra as she went through a similar process with her pack, and sighed.

            “This is definitely going to result in a very strong headache.”
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1st February 2004

a_leprechaun3:54pm: The room fell into a cold silence; Nissa froze on the hardwood floor, willing herself not to move- it seemed as if the slightest creak could mean their death sentence. Terrified, she wondered why the hell nobody was moving. God, she thought, panicing, I never read the books! And what happens here in the movie? I can't remember!

She shook her head then, the irrationality of the situation finally dawning on her. She was dreaming. She had to be. Soon she'd wake up in her dusty, messy apartment again and everything would be as it was.

All she had to do was wait.

Nissa watched the scene play out before her, listened to Aragorn go on about kings of men and so on and so forth. She didn't interfere. She was too frightened to. But her long silence gave her time enough to observe the surroundings. The room seemed unnaturally large, as if it had been built for someone ten feet tall. Strange... Feeling herself relax a bit, Nissa wiggled her toes thoughtfully, then looked down at her feet.

Not for the first time, she nearly screamed. Her feet were huge; thick tufts of dark brown hair- the color of the hair on her head- curled over the toes. She was a hobbit!

Only a dream, she reassured herself. Only a dream...


The rest of the night passed rather surrealy. Nissa had continued to stay quiet, answering as few questions as she could with as few words as she could manage. The most that Strider and the five hobbits managed to get out of her was the fact that she was lost, far away from home, and didn't know how to get back. Of course their reactions all were different, but there was a definite air of suspicion throughout the entire party. Except, perhaps, for Kori- she seemed understanding. But Nissa wasn't quite ready to share anything more yet.

"Six of us now," Frodo whispered to Sam. The two stood separete from the rest of the group, in a corner of the main room at the Prancing Pony. "I doubt Gandalf would be very pleased with this."

"No, Mr. Frodo, I daresay he wouldn't," Sam said, "By rights I shouldn't even be here." He paused, then seemed to catch himself, "Not that I mind your company, Mr. Frodo. It's only-"

"I understand, Sam," Frodo said. He sighed, "And now Pippin's taken up with that waitress, Miss Overhill. No doubt she'll want to come too." he rubbed his forehead. "This is getting a bit too complicated for my taste."

"Well, if I ain't speakin' outta place, Mr. Frodo," Sam said, "I'd say we do whatever it takes to keep it uncomplicated, if you get my meaning."

"A wise idea." The two hobbits looked up, Strider was standing over them- he'd been listening for some time without their knowledge. He cast his gaze around the room. "Nissa, I think, we should keep. She seems as if she needs guidance. And Sokorra, too, if you insist on it, Mister 'Underhill'," he added with a little smirk. "But no more than that. Come," he finished, "Gather the others. We're leaving."
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29th January 2004

ladybeth8:26pm: Nissa sighed as she swept around the cardboard boxes that had become permanent fixtures in her apartment. Why she continued cleaning she didn't know: no one was coming, and it was late. She
swept all the small pile of dust into the dustpan, and poured it intothe trash. The greyish dirt poured in with a hiss, seeming somehow to suspend in midair. To Nissa, it was like watching her life.

`Everything's changing. Everything and everyone I uset to know is gone.' She sighed again. "It must be getting late," she mumbled aloud, "I'm using dust as a metaphor."

She replaced the broom and dustpan in the coat closet, and shuffled off towards her bed. Not even bothering to undress (she had lacked the energy to do even that lately), she fell onto her bed, and forced her mind not to wander, not to dwell on how her life was slowly flowing into the garbage. She forced herself into sleep, where she could get away from reality.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Nissa woke up to a bizzare feeling as if someone was breathing on her neck. She turned slightly and squeaked, realizing someone WAS breathing on her neck. She just barely managed not to
fall out of the insanely high bed she was now in, managing instead to slip out somewhat gracefully, and not wake any of the strangers in the room.

`What the hell??' she wondered, panicking. She wandered past the bed that was level with her shoulders, nearly catching her head on the end of a high table. Before she had time to wonder
anymore at where she was, she turned and met a pair of questioning blue eyes.

"Who are you?"

"Nissia." was all she said. Who was this person in her room!

"Well, Nissa, how did you get in here?"

"What do you mean, this is my room. What I want to know is why are you here."

"We are here because this is our inn room at the Prancing pony", another person said. Nissia turned to see another female about her height come
towards her. "Let me guess, you fell alseep and awoke here?" Nissia just nodded. "Same thing happened to me. Don't mind Frodo, I think he is meant to be a interagater. Have to be these days. I'm Sokorra. My Friends call me Kori. That person who up next too is Sam. The two in the other bed are Pippin and Merry."

"So we are trapped in Lord of the Rings?"

" What are you talking about?"

"Nothing, Merry go back to sleep." Frodo answered. He knew about Kori'strip and how she had read the book. She had decided to come along on thier journey to help Frodo, although she could not tell him what was in store in case it changed anything. He personally thought she also came because she liked Merry, which his cousin had yet to notice.

"So what are we going to do?" Aragorn, who had been watching them would have answered had there not been a loud scream.

The Nazgul had joined the party.
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